Wednesday, July 9, 2014

HTC might give the world a new Tablet

Rumor has it that Android Silver is going to be the next big thingl and LG has also indicated that the Nexus is not in the pipeline anytime soon, this has left the Google Nexus Phone line with an uncertain future.
It is not confirmed if a Nexus Phone is in existence, but there is information that there is a Nexus Tablet manufactured by HTC and will be called HTC’s Volantis. The tablet most probably has an 8.9” display and the features, specs and pricing are not yet finalized. The image that has been seen of the tablet does not look like the final device that will be launched.

This information may just be true as the buzz has been around for a long time. It is also said that the tablet is referred to as the Nexus 9. But that is likely to change before it comes into the market. Here are some of the features that are possibly going to be a part of the tablet:
-          8.9” display and the resolution is going to be 2048*1440
-          RAM space: 2GB
-          Options of 16/32 GB of internal storage
-          NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor
-          Aluminium zero gap construction
-          8MP main camera and 3MP from camera
-          Front facing speakers.

When one tries to closely analyse the look of the tablet, it shows resemblance to the Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and maybe even the iPad mini. What sets it apart are the signature from facing speakers. The tablet does have an aluminium zero gap construction, but it does not particularly look like that. Given the specification, it can be assumed that the screen real estate is lost to the software NAV buttons and the status bar. These kinds of assumptions and generalizations can be made on the basis of the other tablets that circle around the same specifications.

There are some prices that have also been assumed to the Tablet, it could cost anywhere between $350 to $400 with an internal storage of 32 GB. LTE Connectivity should be available at an extra cost. But pricing is a factor that can change rapidly by the time it releases.
The prices assumed are a little higher than the Nexus 7, but it is also known that the hardware that this new creation will be packed with is much better in terms of quality. Also, there might be a launch of a few official accessories that will be best compatible with the tablet. This device is most likely to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2014.

It buzz has it that the Nexus 6 was cancelled because of the Android Silver program, so one has to keep a keen eye on any other information that comes along about the Nexus series. There are a few other rumours around the Volantis like it is already made and the hardware exists and is being totted around by many at the Google premise. A contradictory piece information is that the Android Silver is not going to be out any time before 2015, so it is possible that Google is prepping up a Nexus device to launch the new version of the operating system.

The specs of this new Tablet are like a wish list to many. If this one is to be true, then it is going to be a marker grosser whenever it is launched. 

As the Google Conference Kicked Off!

With Google’s big conference kicking off, there are various people who have been left shocked. The key note ceremony was full of announcements and surprises. Here is a proper insider’s view of what happened in the conference, the excitement, surprise, elements of awe and much more.
The morning started with the excitement and most people were awaiting the fun that was about to unfold. People who were present on the premise in San Francisco were excited to know about what is the future of the different elements that Google is about to launch, on the list were- Home Automation, wearable s, health, TV, Google Glass but everyone knows that there are always surprises that Google has in store for the people.

Another very important question is, what will the next version of Android be called? 4.5 or 5.0?. It was observed that 40% of the people who had attended the event are proud owners of Google Glass. There were many rumors that the next generation of the Android operating system will be called Lollipop. But there was also a buzz that said that they might go with another brand name like KitKat, L could be Lindt or even Lipton.

The big elephant in the house is that the company will be trying their hand at the Android TV all over again. They are trying to power the living room with Android. There are also people who dislike the name Android TV, and are wondering if they have to buy a new set-top box and other things to go with the TV.

Also a given topic for discussion is the Smart Wear that will be shed more light on and also the devices that have signed to incorporate them. But there are sure to be surprises like the one that came out two years ago in the form of Google Glass. There was also an early prototype of the Google Glass and it did not really look anything like the product that came out at the end.

There was also a giant proto type in the conference related to the Android wear, and they have not yet told the people what it is going to turn out to be. Google has managed to keep secret and also make it evident to the people that they will be a surprising the customers this year. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

New and Revamped 1Password! Now this acts as your only account manager, isn't it amazing!!!

1Password for Android has not been a very huge success in the past, its counterparts have been up and successful on desktops and Apple phones. The interface has been the same, but the application has always had to be integrated with another hardware to save the password.

But the application has been redesigned and made to meet the present demands and advancements of the present. It is now independent, various passwords, credit cards and many more details can be added and accessed with having to go through any other hardware. The data is synced in like it does on any other software, and the built-in browser makes it possible for the user to log in quicker.

The company is looking to spur adoption, and they have made the Android version of their application completely free to use. The news that is making the rounds is that it will switch to a read only more come 1st of August, and it will be charged post that. The price of the application has not yet been disclosed, but it might go up to $18 for Apple users. 

Your pictures and videos can work against you, hackers ask for a handsome ransom to restore your android.

The Android users in Eastern Europe are facing a major problem because of an all new Malware. It is called the Simple Shocker and locks the user’s phones, after locking them it takes away all the pictures, videos and data. Like this was not enough, it asks for ransom for restoration.

This Malware is actually a shocker, because while the blackmail is on, it accuses the user of a certain crime like downloading illegal software and demands for money. One of the users paid $21 for unlocking her phone and it was actually unlocked within 24 hours. It is also possible to remove the Malware by simply rebooting the device in safe mode, but all the encrypted files will be lost in that transition. Considering it is an Android device, it is fine because most data is backed up by the Gmail accounts of the user.

This racket is preceded by a similar racket on the Apple phones in Australia. There had been various Apple users in Australia who had complained about their phones being hacked and being help up for ransom. When one tries to connect the dots, they can wonder if there is any connection between the continent country and Eastern Europe. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

iOS8 Healthbook App

iOS8 Healthbook App

iOS 8 has already become the center of attention to many Apple fans. A great industry circles around Apple products. Not only Apple makes a huge profit, but these other companies and firms make money making stuff for Apple products as well. So, when a new Apple product or service is announced, everyone starts eagerly waiting for the details about it. The iOS 8 is the latest version of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod firmware to be released soon. The last version, iOS 7 brought major changes to the firmware. This included major coding deep inside the firmware and a facelift to the user interface. Since the UI has already had its makeover last year; it is expected there won’t be any more facelifts. Instead, Apple would focus on making the firmware totally bug free and adding many more interesting and innovative new features.

Amongst many other features of iOS 8; health and fitness apps and sensors have become a new trend. Especially after Samsung Galaxy S5 was released; fitness got a new meaning in smartphone marketing. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a heartbeat sensor and plenty of fitness apps right out of the box; they are all stock Samsung fitness apps. On the other hand; Apple has a motion coprocessor in their devices which was introduced last year. iPhone 5S includes this sensor; but are there any official apps provided by Apple? Not yet. Apple decided to change the scenario and hence; probably there will be a ‘Healthbook App’ in the upcoming iOS 8.

About ‘Healthbook’
Jayaprasan Mohanan is a designer and he has imagined how a Healthbook app could look like on an Apple device. He has also made an interactive webpage to demonstrate the procedure. This was indeed a good work since it provides a hands-on idea about this probable app. This webpage was built based on the rumors; not based on any official Apple announcements.

How it works
Of course, it makes use of the available sensors in iPhone 5S and he expected that the next iPhone will continue having same type of sensors; could be developed as well. The sensors will track the motions and movements of the user and use the data to plot health and fitness data for the user. If there’s a smart watch from Apple which is also rumored to be announced soon; that would also be used for the fitness app. The iWatch will have the ability to pair with an iPhone and the necessary fitness data would be shown on this screen on the user’s wrist. However, the iWatch will not only be a fitness based gadget but also a traditional smart watch.

What might the conceptual Healthbook Contain?
The features might be introduced through cards. Different cards like Emergency Card, Respiratory Rate, Heart Beat Count, Sleep and Rest; Food Nutrition, and Blood Chemical levels etc. would be measured and assessed. There might also be a medication reminder that would remind the user to take their necessary medicines on time.

None of these are yet announced; there aren’t any leaks as well. But if this happens to be true then Apple must at least include the mentioned features to outrun the rivals.

Monday, May 26, 2014

How To Fix iPhone 5S Not Sending Picture Messages

IPhone 5S Not Sending Picture Messages (Imessage / MMS): How To Fix

Pictures speak thousand words and it is frustrating that you are trying again and again but failing to send picture to your loves ones. Sharing pictures are very common from iPhone 5s and sometimes some of the best technologies can also irritate us. Sometimes pictures are not delivered or there is a message of not delivered or any other error. Whether it is the current iPhone 5S or any other previous model of iPhone, there are normally two ways by which you can send a picture message either through normal MMS or messages.
message  only  works  when the receiver  is also using  the same feature, which means recipient  should also be using iPhone with message facility  be it iPad, iPhone, iPod touch  with iOS loaded  or Mac with OS on board. IPhone 5S OS is outlined in such a way that makes very simple to send a picture message through this application. While on the other side messages with correspondence   among the two operating system gadgets and the MMS- multi media services also works on it.
But there are some users who are really very sad because they say that their iPhone is not sending their picture messages. Either they are not delivered for take too much time sending a message and sometimes it fails. Now there is no way that you can just rely on messages because now it won’t allow you to send picture messages to the other smart phones which are having different operating system.
 For this you will need to fix the issue but here the question is how? Here is a complete guide that will help you in fixing the issue on iPhone 5S with iOS loaded.

 Picture Message Sending Failed: - iMessages
·         The first thing which is important is to know whether you are sending picture with messages or MMS. When you will be sending a message with messages then the button will turn blue. There are two reasons if your message is not sent or shows sending failed
·         Message server is down sometimes and this is not in your hands   as there are hundreds of other users who are sending messages using message apps everyday and this cause a huge load to the server making it down for sometime or sometimes hours
·         Recipient not using iOS device, it is important for both the sender and recipient to have the iPhone or they can use MMS.
·         Third reason might be that the recipient did not enabled messages and it is important to send or receive picture messages on your devices. You can ask   recipient to enable the setting from setting>message.
·         There might be a network error, message uses Wi-Fi or 3G connections to send messages, if your network is down at that time then you are going to face problems in sending to make sure that your network is properly working open safari browser and try to access WebPages.

·         For MMS make sure that your settings are active, cellular network is reachable or you can just reset your network. If it is still not working then you will have to take your device to apple store.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

How To ADD Respring Toggle To Control Center On iOS 7

How To ADD Respring Toggle To Control Center On iOS 7

Restart Springboard shortly, Respring is the highly utilized function available on the latest operating system of the Apple i.e. iOS 7. In fact, after installing the latest and new theme on your device or hiding icons of apps from Springboard, you have to Repsring the gadget for seeing the changes made.
Rebooting also make attempts, but it is somewhat annoying for rebooting the gadget for every instance, you make any alterations because it takes a lot of time to complete. Here comes the need of a useful Respring Toggle button option. You can add this button on a number of places in your device, but Control Center is the most excellent place for it.  There is no need of making any confusion between the notification bar and control center of your device. It is essential to get in touch with the fact that control center is a place, which is available below, once you take your finger up starting from the screen’s end and notification center is available from the top. Users are eager to know about the way of adding Respring Toggle to the CC or Control Center on iOS 7.

Follow The Process

CCToggles does not offer you the option for adding Respring button option on the Control Center. With this tweak, you can have a chance to add a number of other important toggles, several of those are Power OFF toggle, Airplane Mode toggle Reboot toggle, One-click mobile data connectivity such as in Android, 3G toggle, VPN toggle and many others. You need to follow below mentioned steps for adding Respring toggle into the Control Center on iOS 7:

Step 1:
Initially, you have to add Bigboss repository to Cydia. For this, you have to open the Cydia app, and then scroll to the center and go to the option of ‘More Package Sources’. Next, discover and go to the BigBoss repository, you will acquire a confirmation popup, and then choose OK. Once you are done with this, go to the Return option to Cydia.

Step 2:
Next, you have to download and install the CCToggles tweak. In order to complete this step, you need to go back to the home screen of Cydia. Then, select the Search option available at bottom right corner. You need to enter CCToggles on search bar option. Afterwards, choose the install option, and then confirm it. When accomplished, choose Return option to Cydia. Lastly, you have to close the app of Cydia.

Step 3:

Next step, you need to take is to add Respring toggle to CC (Control Center) on iOS7. For this, open the setting app on your iPhone device, a default one. Roll towards the end part, and discover the CCToggles option. Go to it. Afterwards, choose Toggles, once more time; tap the option of Toggles on following screen. Next, you have to click on Edit option. Tap and grasp the Respring option from the list of DISABLED TOGGLES. Next, drag and drop the Repsring option to the list of ENABLED TOGGLES. In this way, you can complete your task of adding the Respring button option to the control center of your iPhone device.